MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, 6th ed.
Joseph Gibaldi, Phyllis Franklin

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MLA Auto-Generator
Patrick Do
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Welcome to the homepage of MLAGEN - the freeware program for your bibliographical needs.

Please visit the project page for technical details.

MLA Auto-Generator is an incredible piece of free software that allows you to quickly and effortlessly format your documents' works cited lists in complete accordance with the latest MLA or APA style guidelines. MLA Auto-Generator will automatically churn out a perfect bibliography entry, every time.

If you've ever used MLA style in your essays, term papers, theses, or PhD dissertations, you know how long it takes to achieve the precise format. Countless hours wasted in looking up the correct scheme of arranging works cited entries or underlining and italicizing text can now be utilized enhancing your paper. The extra time you could've earned can go to proofing, adding additional insight, or simply relaxation.

Now you, too, will find yourself several hours ahead of schedule when writing papers! With MLA Auto-Generator, you have the power and the knowledge that your formatting issues are all taken care of. You now have the freedom to use your precious time on better things than toiling with the tedious MLA/APA requirements.

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